Beyond what you know

I want to create meaningful art representative of Black, Indigenous and people of Color that challenges the colonization of our imaginations.

About me

Going beyond the boundaries

Just as Afrofuturism is about pushing the limits of Black imagination and answering the question "What if?", I wish to push the limits of my imagination, which has been tainted by capitalism, gender binaries, white supremacy, and patriarchy, and to imagine a world that goes beyond the boundaries of what I already know.

  • Decolonizing the Narrative

    Addressing the symbolic annihilation and underrepresentation present in our collective narrative and memory.

  • Representation

    Bringing forward invisibilized communities, such as Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).

  • Art and Social Justice

    Art is organizing and an anchor to social change, not an accessory.

  • Start a Dialogue

    "Great art is not a monologue. Great art is a dialogue between the artist and the people."

The meaning of Space

Space represents time as not being something linear, but cyclical. It also represents the endless possibilities that lie ahead of us. As a result, we can extrapolate a future where we can reimagine different narratives, norms and beliefs.

Water elements

The elements of water characterize both the erasure and the emergence of life. It also signifies the flexibility and resilience of being able to adapt to life and to major changes.

The use of archives

The use of archives serves to address the absence of representation of BIPOC in History and to deconstruct and decontextualize these photographs to be able to reconstruct and recontextualize them in a variety of settings where they are the focal point of the narratives.